Tetris# is an open-source multiplayer tetris clone written in C#. It will use the .NET Framework and Managed DirectX 9.0 as its base. Being a modern clone, it will feature high quality graphics and sound effects. It will support both single player and multiplayer action. Multiplayer games will be direct IP-to-IP or through selection of a game from a master game server list.


The game is being developed by members from around the world. Here is a list of currently active project members:

  • Christopher Bellini
  • Ravi Chodavarapu (Project Lead)
  • Ilhom Djalilov
  • Vishal Gandhi
  • Firat Gelbal
  • Thiago Jamir
  • M. Deniz Oktar
  • Raymond Pang

If you would like to join the team, please contact the project lead here.


The game is currently in development. There is a very basic single player client that supports regular tetris gameplay.


Some screenshots of the early development versions of the game can be found here.


You can download or view the source code through the project's CVS repository. Project CVS information can be viewed here.

You can download pre-compiled binaries (which require the .NET Framework and DirectX 9.0, including managed extensions) here.


If you want to talk with the development team for any reason, feel free to post on the open discussion forum here.